Zoom Coaching Classes 

Subject Physics for NEET / JEE
1. Explaining the Physics Concepts
2. Extensive solution of Problems, Numericals
3. Exam Oriented Study
4. Short-Notes and Shortcut Tricks
5. Memory Techniques to remember Concepts and Problems
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e-Learning Windows Software

ZoomGenetics Software to learn Genetics for Students preparing for NEET Exam
Genetics MCQ’s (Free) Hundreds and hundreds of Free Biology (Genetics) MCQ’s for Students preparing for NEET Exam
 ZoomPhysics  Software to learn Physics for students preparing for Engineering & Medical Entrance Examinations.
 ZoomX Software to learn Science for students of Class-10. It is also useful as Foundation Course in Science for Class-9 students.
 ZoomScience Educational Software for learning Science (Primary School).

Above software can run only on Windows Operating System!

Android Apps

NEET Biology App

Electromagnetism Shortcuts App

Pedigree Analysis Shortcuts App

Ultimate Unit Converter App

Solve Electrical Circuits in 30 Seconds

Hidden Biology (NEET) – Android App

Our Services

We develop Windows based Advertisement software, utilizing our “unique”, state-of-the-art, Zooming User Interface Technology.

Example Projects are:

ZoomEstate Advertisement for Real Estate and Properties
ZoomTractor Advertisement for Tractors and Heavy Machinery