Index of Refraction of Water

Index of Refraction of Water at 20°C is 1.33

HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2

These multiple choice questions MCQ – HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2, test your understanding of Optics. The concepts being tested are about Refraction of light, scattering, dispersion of light, refractive index, phenomenon of mirage, advance sunrise and delayed sunset, laws of refraction, critical angle and total internal reflection as the principle on which fiber optic cable works, twinkling of stars at night, spectrum of light, etc. HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2 also prepares you for the competitive exams.

Name the following: The phenomenon of change in direction of light when it passes
from one transparent medium to another.

True or False: Incident ray, refracted ray are on opposite side of normal and in
same plane

Name the following: Ratio of sine of angle of incidence to the sine of angle of
refraction is constant for a given pair of media. Name this constant

Refractive Index of Diamond is _______
(a) 1.03
(b) 1.53
(c) 2.10
(d) 2.42

If first medium is vacuum (or air), the Refractive Index is ____ Refractive Index
(a) Absolute
(b) Principle
(c) Relative
(d) Normalized

Find Odd one out:
Air above the Holi fire.
Twinkling of stars

Fill in the Blank: Due to change in_______ of atmosphere, stars appear twinkling
at night.

True or False: Stars and Planets twinkle at night due to change of Refractive Index
of atmosphere

If Light enters from rarer to denser medium, then Angle of Incidence (i) ____ Angle
of Refraction (r)
(c) =
(d) ?

True or False: So sunrise is seen 2 minutes before “actual” sunrise & sunset is
seen even after 2 minutes of “actual” sunset

Index of Refraction of Water

Advanced Sunrise and Delayed Sunset can be explained on the basis of Atmospheric
(a) Reflection
(b) Refraction
(c) Diffraction
(d) Dispersion

The phenomenon of splitting of light into its component colours is called _________
of Light.
(a) Reflection
(b) Refraction
(c) Diffraction
(d) Dispersion

Name the following: The band of coloured components of a light beam

In the Spectrum (VIBGYOR: Violet-Indigo-Blue-Green-Yellow-Orange-Red), the light
of colour Red bends the ____________
(a) Most
(b) More
(c) Less
(d) Least

Fill in the Blank: Rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon, which is a combination of
Dispersion, _______, and Reflection of light. Water droplets acts as tiny prisms.

Fill in the Blank: When a ray of light is incident on extremely small particles,
the particles deflect the light in different directions. This phenomenon is called
______ of Light.

True or False: Astronauts also see colors of atmosphere in space.

For Blue light, Scattering is _________
(a) Most
(b) More
(c) Less
(d) Least

True or False: Because red can travel a long distance, we see the reddish or yellow
afterglow at Sunrise or sunset

Find Odd one out:

Index of Refraction of Water

True or False: Splitting of light into component colors is called Scattering

Name the following: First Indian to get Nobel Prize in 1928 for his work on Scattering
of Light

Hence danger signals are red colored because
(a) Red is associated with danger
(b) Red is favorite color of many people
(c) Blood is Red
(d) Red light can travel a long distance

Speed of light in a transparent medium is 2,00,000 km/s. Then the refractive index
of that medium is ___
(a) 1.25
(b) 1.50
(c) 1.75
(d) 0.67

The refractive index of water is 4/3. Speed of light in a water medium is _______
(a) 300,000
(b) 400,000
(c) 125,000
(d) 225,000

Name the following: Change of direction of light in a different media

The refractive index of Air is _____
(a) 4.0003
(b) 3.0003
(c) 2.0003
(d) 1.0003

True or False: If Incident ray is normal to interface in both cases (rarer to denser
or denser to rarer media), Ray changes direction

True or False: Violet colored light bends the most

True or False: Refractive Index changes with Angle of Incidence

Answers to HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2

Hope you have got the answers for HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2 right!

01. Refraction
02. True
03. Refractive Index
04. (d) 2.42
05. (a) Absolute
06. Rainbow { Rest all are effects due to refraction of light }
07. Refractive Index
08. False { Only Starts twinkle, not planets}
09. (b) >
10. True
11. (b) Refraction
12. (d) Dispersion
13. Spectrum
14. (d) Least
15. Refraction
16. Scattering
17. False { There is no scattering in vacuum. }
18. (a) Most { Hence we see sky as blue}
19. True
20. Induction { Rest all are optical effects }
21. False { It is Dispersion}
22. C V Raman
23. (d) Red light can travel a long distance without scattering
24. (b) 1.50
25. (d) 225,000
26. Refraction
27. (d) 1.0003
28. False { Ray propagates undeviated}
29. True
30. False { It is constant for a given pair of media}

These multiple choice questions HOTS on Wonders of Light Part 2, helps a student to deeply grasp the basic concepts. It answers many questions like, why we see mirage in deserts; why do stars twinkle at night; why do the fish appear at different position in water than actual position, etc. So, the Index of Refraction of Water is 1.33 at 20°C



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