Gravitation, Electric and Magnetic Fields

Comparison of Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic Fields

Eddy currents due to magnet

There is striking similarities between forces of nature. Scientists have classified and identified four fundamental forces of nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces.

We would be discussing the three aspects – gravitational, magnetic and electric forces and fields.

Table of similarities and differences with respect to various aspects

Physical Quantity Gravitational Magnetic Electric
Force (F) \frac{GM_1 M_2}{R^2} IlBSin(\theta) \frac{1}{4\pi\epsilon_0}\frac{q_1 q_2}{r^2}
Constant G \frac{\mu_0}{4\pi} \frac{1}{4\pi\epsilon_0}
Constant (Value) 6.674\times10^{-11} 10^{-7} 9 \times 10^9
Constant (Units) N m^2/kg^2 Wb/m^2 N m^2/c^2
Dipole \times \checkmark \checkmark
Inverse Square law \checkmark \checkmark \checkmark
Charge Mass (m) pole strength
(\pm {m} )
(\pm{q} )
Always attractive Dipole exists Separable
Range long short short
Strength weak strong strong
Source Point source No point source. Dipole required Point source
(Different names)
Gravitational field
Gravitation field strength
Gravitational field intensity
Gravitational flux densityg=\frac{GM}{r^2}
Magnetic field
Magnetic field strength
Magnetic field intensity
Magnetic flux density
Magnetic inductionB = F/Il
Electric field
Electric field strength
Electric field intensity
Electric flux densityE~=~F / q  \\  E=\frac{1}{4\pi\epsilon_0}\frac{q}{r^2}
Flux Gravitational Flux
\phi=g . Area
Magnetic Flux
Electric Flux
Flux (SI Units) N/kg or m/s² N/c or V/m Tesla or Wb/m²
Can I isolate myself from it? No Yes Yes

If you have any other aspect for comparing Gravitation, Magnetism and Electricity, please contribute.


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