ZoomEstate Advertises your Property

You are Want to Sell
Estate Owner Property, Flat, Bungalow, Flat, Duplex
Architect Architectural Design Service
Interior Decorator Interior design service
Painting Service Provider Painting service
Furniture Provider Furniture
Tiles Provider Tiles
Bathroom Accessories Provider Bathroom Accessories
Electrical Accessories Provider Electrical Accessories

How do you present your service / product / project ?

What maximum can you do to present your project, product or service, except by means of PDF and PPT files or images or architectural walkthrough videos?

But these do not convey the real ‘feel’ of your assets.

ZoomEstate is a platform where you can FULLY present your case in all aspects – Images, Architectural plans, Gallery, Text, Sound, Speech, Animations, Colors, Topography, Calligraphy, Motion Animation, Color Animations, Shape Animations, Multi-floor plans, Deep-zooming from bird-eye view to most minor detail.

What’s the Idea?

The idea of this Advertisement Software is:

  • To create a unique advertisement media with all its SPLENDOR.
  • To have a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Distribute “narrow”cast. That saves time and money.
  • Stuff all the information to the heart’s content.
  • Let the customer be BEDAZZLED with your property.
  • That will compel him to buy your estate / flat.

Free Download

See the Advertisement Software in Action!
Download ZoomEstate Software for your PC / Desktop / Laptop
File Size: 23 MB
Runs On: All Windows

ZoomEstate is an advertisement software for your Property, Estate or Housing project.

ZoomEstate helps to advertise your housing projects. It highlights the salients features, the cost-effectiveness, unique advantages and convenience to the customers.

ZoomEstate is a powerful and very recent zooming technology. Screen-Space is not limited, can support a large number of media formats, motion and color animations and many more exotic features.

ZoomEstate can display a “huge” amount of information, which is a restriction in conventional advertisement media (Print, banner ad, website or android app).

If you have an idea and you want to convert it to Windows App and distribute or sell, we undertake creating a Zooming Advertising App for your business.

make zui apps
We create ZUI Zooming User Interface App for you. [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

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