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What is ZoomPhysics?

ZoomPhysics is a software to learn Physics for students preparing for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams

Fun-Learning the difficult Physics Concepts, so as to easily score high marks in competitive exams for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations. Physics for NEET, JEE, PET, PMT, AIPMT, and other competitive exams.

It is an innovative teaching software to teach physics concepts. It has content which is not available in any of the available text-books and guides. The details of any concept are presented in a ‘zoomable’ way. There are extensive diagrams and graphics to explain a concept from many possible angles. Multimedia like Sound, Speech, Animation, etc are available to further explain the concepts.ZoomPhysics - Banking of Roads


ZoomPhysics is ‘must-have’ software for those appearing for NEET, JEE, Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. It is also very beneficial for those students who are in XI (11-Standard). This will help them to prepare for the entrance exams in their 12th standard.

Also, by using our ZoomPhysics software, a student can grasp the understanding in ‘shortest possible time’. This software utilizes memory techniques to help student remember the content very easily.


The Chapters covered are:

  1. Circular Motion
  2. Gravitation
  3. Rotational Motion
  4. Oscillations
  5. Elasticity
  6. Surface Tension
  7. Wave Motion
  8. Stationary Waves
  9. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation
  10. Wave Theory of Light
  11. Interference and Diffraction
  12. Electrostatics
  13. Current Electricity
  14. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
  15. Magnetism
  16. Electromagnetic Induction
  17. Electrons and Photons
  18. Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
  19. Semiconductors
  20. Communication Systems

The software ZoomPhysics also include many extras like: Physical Quantities tables, Log Tables, Logarithms, Trigonometric Identities, Conversions from one unit to another, Physicists, Physical Theories like Classical Physics, Relativity Physics, Quantum Physics, Classical Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Optics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics, etc.


Download ZoomPhysics (Location-1)

Download ZoomPhysics (Location-2)

Purchase ZoomPhysics



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