Parts of Flower


ZoomScience is an Educational Software for learning Science, Primary School. It has zoomable user interface. Extensive graphics and animations are used to teach the concepts of science. It is a fun-learning experience for the students who need strong base to develop concepts.

ZoomScience - Intestine


Free Download ZoomScience – Science Learning Software for Primary School. [199 MB]
Downloads: ZoomScience
Purchase: Buy ZoomScience
Runs on: Windows

ZoomScience is ‘must-have’ software for Primary School students. This software utilizes memory techniques to help student remember the content very easily.

Multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter is very useful to check the understanding of the student.

The Chapters covered are:

  1. Characteristics of Living Things
  2. Classification of Living Things
  3. Parts of Plants and their Structure
  4. Measurement
  5. Estimates of Measurements
  6. Force
  7. Motion and Types of Motion
  8. Simple Machines
  9. Work and Energy
  10. Methods of Separating Substance
  11. Organ Systems
  12. Our Earth and it’s Special Features
  13. Our Environment
  14. Social Environment

ZoomScience - Brain


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