ZoomX is for students of class-10. This Science learning software covers the topics of Science being taught to high-school students. ZoomX is studded with extensive graphics, bulleted notes, short summaries, animations and infographics.

Carbon Compounds
Carbon Compounds

An illustrated guide to science topics, ZoomX boasts of being a unique platform in educational field. Memory techniques are used to help students grasp and retain the scientific concepts. The class of 10th is the basis for further studies in Engineering or Medical Examinations.

Download ZoomX Software – For Class-10 (Science)
Downloads: ZoomX
Purchase: Buy ZoomX
Runs on: Windows

ZoomX is an ‘absolute-must’ software for Standard-10 students. This software builds the necessary base for further studies like Engineering or Medical Courses. This software teaches the hard-to-understand concepts with pictures, graphics and animations.

The Chapters covered are:

  1. School of Elements (Periodic Classification of Elements)
  2. The Magic of Chemical Reactions (Chemical Reactions and Equations)
  3. The Acid-Base Chemistry (Acids, Bases and Salts)
  4. The Electric Spark (Electricity)
  5. All About Electromagnetism (Magnetic Effects of Electric Current)
  6. Wonders of Light – Part 1 (Human Eye and Colourful World)
  7. Wonders of Light – Part 2 (Light – Reflection and Refraction)
  8. Understanding Metals and Non-Metals (Metals and Non-Metals)
  9. Amazing World of Carbon Compounds (Carbon and Its Compounds)
  10. Life’s Internal Secrets (Life Processes)
  11. The Regulators of Life (Control and Coordination)
  12. The Life Cycle (How do Organisms Reproduce?)
  13. Mapping Our Genes (Heredity and Evolution)
  14. Striving for Better Environment – Part 1 (Our Environment)
  15. Striving for Better Environment – Part 2 (Management of Natural Resources)
  16. Sources of Energy

Extensive Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each chapter is provided.



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